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How do I fix tags and reading order in a PDF?


Working with tags in Adobe PDF

Create your document with accessibility in mind.

Working with Tags


  1. Open the tags panel (green icon)
  2. Right click à highlight content. This will assist you in knowing which content you are working with.

Modifying Incorrect Tags

  • Click on tab and change by typing <P>, <H1>, <H2>  etc.  This is case sensitive you must be careful
  • Click on figure, right click properties, change the type of tag


  • Drag and move the tags so that they are all on the same level
  • Move tags as a group to make it easier. Click on top tag and hold down shift, click bottom tag to drag a tag group.  It can be tedious, but it is helpful and makes it easier to find content.
  • Move your content out of the sections <sect> and <part>.  Once empty they are unnecessary and can be deleted.  There is no undo in tag so be careful. Save in increments

Working with Reading Order


  1. Click on reading order, Z icon
  2. Boxes will display around the content.  This is another way to manipulate tags
  3. Drag and select text to form a box around the text and then select the correct label (tag) from the Touch Up Reading Order dialog box. 
  4. Adding headings is recommended to do in Word (because it is easier) but if you only need to touch up a few tags it is ok to do here as well.
  5. Create a new tag, use Touch Up Reading Order, click correct tag


  • If your content had proper headings in Word, you should not have to do much work in tags or reading order

Working with a table in Adobe

  1. Click the table in adobe, open Touch Up Reading Order click the number in the upper left corner, click Table Editor in the Touch up Reading Order dialog box.
  2. Mark up the header cell,
    1. right click, select Table Cell Properties, type header cell, click scope column
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