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What are the Online Student Forms?


The online student forms are for the students to submit requests.  

Students can submit 

  • request for SOC Updates/Degree Plan updates (they can also request a replacement)
  • request to drop their class(if they can't access banner from their location)
  • fill out the Graduation Application
  • fill out the graduation attendance form (to let us know they will be attending graduation)
  • Register for Pocket Ed classes
  • request a new soc agreement
  • Request a term transfer - students who did not enter the Military & Corporate Education designation code on their application
  • Transfer plan requests for students who are transfer to a 4 year college
  • a request to the Veteran Certifying official
  • a request for a corporate education plan
  • Request to be accepted into the Military Promise program

Reporting can be requested from any of these forms

Student location is collected on

  • Degree plan request/SOC agreement request
  • Graduation application
  • SOC agreement update form
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