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How do I navigate to the MSA page in SharePoint?



Navigating from CCC Portal

  1. Click the login link
  2. On the left side of the page click on “Military and Contract Education”
  3. On the top navigation, click on “Site Representatives"
  4. You can scroll down the Site Representative home page until you locate Shared Documents or you can click “Shared Documents” on the left side navigation.
  5. You can scroll down the page until you locate the document you’re looking for or you can click the 3 dots near the document headings.

The next sequence of directions is how to find documents in the Travel Section

5.Click “Travel Documents”

6. Here is the Mileage Tracker

Navigating from District SharePoint

If you are on District SharePoint Site you will need additional navigation instructions

  1. Click the login link
  2. Click Colleges then select CCC Portal.
  3. In the page that opens, click the link on the left side: Military & Contract Education.
  4. Click the Site Representative folder at the top of the page to explore content.
  5. Under Unofficial Evaluations you can find: Unofficial Degree Templates, Military Course Equivalency Guide, and other documents that you will use to complete Unofficial Evaluations
  6. Under Shared Documents you can find: Absence Reports, Conference Requests, Reimbursement Requests, and Travel Procedures and many other useful documents.


Navigation-to-MSA-Page-in-SharePoint.pdf Navigation-to-MSA-Page-in-SharePoint.pdf

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